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Small Business Marketing On a Tight Schedule

It isn’t a big secret that small businesses that are just starting out are busy affairs. There are a lot of little things that need to be done and the entrepreneur will often find that there are thousands of little details that need attending to. As such, one or two things will naturally slip past under the umbrella of “not enough time.” Marketing the new business tends to be among those things th

Common Traits of Successful Businessmen

There are as many paths and roads to success as there are successful people, so there’s a very good chance that no two billionaires running Fortune 500 companies had the exact same road. However, as has been pointed out more than once, there are a number of personality traits that seem to make their presence felt within every success story. The first one is also the one that tends to be least appreciated: do

The Internet As A Sales Platform

More and more companies, both established and start-up are seeing the value of attempting to sell their products over the Internet. It is, by comparison, a low-maintenance “outlet” for their products. It has a much lower overhead cost and requires less personnel interacting with the customer and potentially becoming a problem. However, due to the nature of the environment, not everyone understands how t

The Key Element to Beating Your Quota Every Month

Sales and marketing can be a tough game. It is easy to get caught in the cycle of chasing your tail trying to finish paperwork, return phone calls, and answer emails. The next thing you know the month is almost over and you are short of meeting your quota. The element you are missing is consistency in completing your most important job. The one element of your position which MUST have consistency is client contact.

Common Elements in Successful Businesses

Some businesses succeed while others die out, caught like fish trapped in a shrinking pond in the middle of the dry season. Different businesses have different success stories, of course. No two businessmen operate their ventures in the same way, so the roads that led to their prominence in their chosen fields will be different. That doesn’t mean they don’t share anything in common, however. As many books have

Steps to Planning a Successful Promotional Campaign

A promotional campaign general aims for three desired outcomes: Outcome 1: Your message gets to your targeted audience. Outcome 2: Your message is understood by your audience. Outcome 3: Your message gets the recipients to take action. This can be easily achieved, however it takes careful planning to do so. Here are seven steps that will get your campaign off to the right start. Step 1: Assess Marketing Communicati

10 Business Tips for a Successful Networking

Business Networking is the act of interacting and building relationships with different people for the purpose of establishing a business connection with them. These people can be your prospective customers, consultants, employees or even business partners. To effectively network a business, you must be able to link yourself to individuals who, through trust and relationship building, become walking, talking advert